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Nutrition plays such an important role in overall health and physical outcome. A healthy nutritious lifestyle is 80% of your results when it comes to achieving the body image you strive for. You could spend hours a day at the gym but if the food you it is not healthy, you will being running into a dead end. I primarily like to get your nutrition on track before we even tackle the fitness aspect. If the nutrition is on point everything else will fall into place. Your workouts will actually give you results you want.

My Programs:

Local Colorado Springs Residents:
1 on 1 in person training. Park or in home
* includes 45 min training session 2x per week
* initial consultation
* nutrition breakdown
* goal setting
* 24/7 access to me for guidance and motivation throughout program
* fitness program for non training days with me
$80 weekly

Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching:
* Initial Phone Consultation
* Emailed fully laid out fitness Plan
* Nutrition Guide
* Nutrition Coaching ( I teach you how to eat)
*Goal setting
* 24/7 access to me for guidance and motivation throughout the program
Month to Month $175
12 week program $450

Nutriton Only Coaching:
 Monthly $100
12 week $250

Fitness Only Coaching:
Monthly $100
12 week $250

If you are interested in any of my programs please contact me via email. 
I will get back to you within 2 business days


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