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Nutrition plays such an important role in overall health and physical outcome. A healthy nutritious lifestyle is 80% of your results when it comes to achieving the body image you strive for. You could spend hours a day at the gym but if the food you it is not healthy, you will being running into a dead end. I primarily like to get your nutrition on track before we even tackle the fitness aspect. If the nutrition is on point everything else will fall into place. Your workouts will actually give you results you want.

My Program:
What I offer is online consulting to help you reach your Fitness and Nutritional goals. With the ease of working with me online you never have to worry about missing a meeting, a class or give the excuse of not having the time. In todays society our days are precious, every moment counts, we are juggling kids, jobs, and the daily struggles of just living life. That is why I have developed a very simple program to help you achieve you goals.

I offer a variety in levels of service to make sure that every clients budget is accounted for. Whether you just want a little guidance, in depth knowledge or monthly check ins, follow ups and continuous plans. What ever you need we can make it work. I also offer just Nutrition or just Fitness Consulting. Or we combine the 2 for a complete package. If you are pregnant then the Nutrition and Fitness will be catered to your specific needs.

How it Works:
The program will start with an in depth questionnaire consisting of your heath history, background, ailments, and a list of your likes and dislikes when its comes to food.
I will have you complete a few other forms as well. I will then ask you to log your diet and exercise for 1 week. I want an in depth log consisting of everything that enters your mouth in that week. I want it truthful, so at this point I want you to change nothing. Eat as you normally would just log it down. I want to know time of day, portions as close as you can get, what it was, where it was from, what you drank ( including water ). I also want you to log any exercise you have done, the duration, time of day and what it consisted of. This allows me to analyze where you are at when we start. I am then able to make the necessary changes to help you get on the road to success.

Once that first stage is complete I will set you up on a plan that works for you specifically. Taking into consideration any special dietary concerns or needs, likes and dislike and a plan that fits your lifestyle. For instance if you happen to be someone that travels 5 days a week i'm not going to give you a plan that requires tons of prep and at home cooking. I'm not here to set you up for failure, I want you to achieve your goals and be able to maintain them the easiest way possible for you.

During this program I will teach you some of the basics of nutrition. I want you to learn how to shop, how to read labels, understand what ingredients mean, how to cook and prepare foods that actually taste good, understand portions and what they Really are and how to enjoy living a healthier lifestyle.

Most of the consulting is done through email but I do also allow phone calls during certain days and times, if and when you need some extra guidance. This is included in the program. All fitness programs will be handled the same way. I will send you your customized workouts that can be done at home with little to no equipment unless you specify that you have access to certain equipment at home or at a gym. My Fitness plans are Primarily HIIT style workouts. High Intensity Interval Training. I believe working out should be quick and effective, not long and boring. I don't know about you but being a mother of 1 and 1 on the way I don't have time to exercise 1-2 hrs a day. I need to get in and get it done. That is what you will get also. HIIT training is a very effective way to get the results you want and fast.

All of your results will be up to you. I will recommend you do an initial weigh in and take measurements prior to starting your program, Every month I will have you weigh in again and do your measurements so you can see your results. Since you will be doing this yourself you only have you to rely on. This means building a relationship with yourself to boost your confidence, cheer yourself on, be honest and have faith in your ability to achieve your goals.

If you are interested in getting started on a program to success please email me. Please allow up to 3 business days for a response.




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