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Nutrition Tip of the day!!!!!

Nutrition Tip #7

Don't drink your calories.....
Sorry friends but the #1 weight bomber is empty pointless calories from surgery, high calorie, high sugar drinks. This includes fruit juice, YES juice also. When you drink pop, juice, sports drinks, sugar laden coffee drinks etc, your wasting so many calories for nothing and packing in the sugar. Sugary drinks are the most fattening things you can put into your body.
This is because liquid sugar calories don’t get registered by the brain in the same way as calories from solid foods. When you consume these sugary drinks you actually end up eating more and craving more sugar type foods.
Instead, eat your fruit, and drink your water lots and lots, stay hydrated. If you feel like water is boring and some fresh slices of fruit like lemons, or orange to add a little flavor without all the calories...

Nutrition Tip #6

Fill up on as much raw fruits and veggies as you desire. There is actually a lot of protein in veggies and so many amazing important nutrients in both. You will never gain weight eating raw. That doesn't mean your entire diet needs to look like a rabbits but if you use it as your main staple and add in the other things you'll find you'll have less sugar craving's, be less hungry and the need for not so great food will go away. use it as your fillers!!!

Nutrition Tip #5

What we eat is so important! Choosing the correct foods to fuel our bodies and give us necessary nutrients is key to health, weight loss and success.  A good majority of our days should be filled with good foods with only a small amount coming from other choices. Below is a great list of awesome foods to help boost the metabolism. Always use an organic version when it applies!!

Nutrition Tip #4

When buying fruits and veggies pay attention to these little numbers. They can tell you a lot. Try to stay away from the second and third ones, especially if the fruits or veggies have soft skin.

Nutrition Tip #3

 Try to eat organic fruits and veggies from this list. The craze today is eat everything organic but when is comes to fresh fruits and veggies that can be very expensive it's not necessary to eat all organic. A lot of veggies and some fruit have thick skin that really cannot be penetrated with the harsh pesticide's used today, like a watermelon or banana. With foods like these you remove the peel before consumption anyway. But foods like celery that have everything exposed that you consume and they draw in the water they sit in they absorb everything. This is where going organic is very important, Just changing to these few foods organic can eliminate so many unnecessary toxins form your daily diet and ultimately your body! But remember with foods like melons, oranges, grapefruits, etc, remember to wash the outside thoroughly, they skin contains not only pesticide's but disgusting germs like salmonella, feces and e coli that once you tough it or slice through the fruit or veggie you hands and the knife then becomes infected. 

Nutrition Tip #2


Good rule to live by! Keep your largest meal in the am. Highest caloric value with carbs and protein. Make lunch a bit less and if its before 1pm it can still contain complex carbs as well as protein. Dinner is your smallest meal with lower caloric value. Stick to lean proteins and simple carbs... Fish and salad is a great example!Happy Eating!

Nutrition Tip #1

Try to drink at least 8, 8oz glasses of water a day! Water is a vital part of daily life, health and wellness. It helps the body to cleanse and release toxins and waste from the body.


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