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I am a mom of 3 incredible kiddos a 9 yr old and 5 yr old boy and a beautiful little 3 yr old princess, im a Certified Personal Trainer, Accountability Coach and Nutritionist. I'm currently a stay at home mom, the Hardest job ever but I'm loving every minute of it!

I have a passion for Fitness and Nutrition, and helping people reach their goals. 1/3 of today's population is obese, it's sad and unnecessary. With the right tools a guidance obesity should be a thing of the past. We face daily struggles with mass media guiding us in the wrong direction, giving us false facts and heading us down the road to disaster. I grew up in a family that was using a holistic approach and way ahead of its time. It's been in me to eat right since I was a kid. Its not hard, expensive or boring to live a healthy lifestyle. I can help you become aware of food, its ingredients, portions, choices, media influence and many other things that will change your life. If you are done with the fad diets, yoyo dieting, frustrating long boring workouts in the gym and not being happy with what you see in the mirror, I'm your girl. Let me help you be who you want to be.

For Local Colorado Springs 1 on 1 in person training sessions
Online 1 0n 1 Fitness and Nutrition coaching
Accountability Coaching
Downloadable Fitness & Nutrition Guide Coming soon

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 ISSA Personal Trainer
AFPA Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist
AFPA Nutrition and Consulting Specialist
DSW Pregnancy and Strength Training
DSW Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise and Design
DSW Maternity and Infant Nutrition
DSW Pilates Mat Tech 1
DSW Alternative and Integrative Nutrition
Exercise ETC Nutrient timing for Peak performance

Current Adult and Infant AED CPR Certified

Please feel free to Contact me if you have any questions or concerns or would like more info on my online coaching. Thank You

Tiffany Shireman


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